Commercial Lighting

We’re here to help with your commercial lighting or signage needs, from new installations to upgrades of existing electrical systems.

Commercial Lighting Upgrades

Reduce operating costs with improved lighting

Helping businesses reach their lighting and energy efficiency goals is something we take pride in.

Lighting upgrades within a commercial space output brighter light and create a safer work environment. And by leveraging new technologies, such as energy-efficient LED bulbs, your new lighting systems will run at a fraction of their existing operating cost!

Contact Island Electric Co. to review your existing commercial lighting systems. Here are some of the areas we’ll consider improving:

  • Exterior lighting, including signage
  • Converting fluorescent fixtures and tubes
  • Replacing high-bay lighting systems

When we arrive to review your current lighting, or to plan a new layout, we look at a variety of different aspects of your space to provide the most appropriate solutions for your needs – and budget.

Whether you are upgrading one light or 200 fixtures, Island Electric Company can help you with your energy-efficient lighting projects!

Upgrading existing fixtures to LED

Old bulbs and ballasts can trap light inside their fixtures rather than sending it where it is intended. By replacing aging lighting with new, more efficient solutions we’re able to direct the right light to the right places.

Our clients are always impressed with the immediate transformation LED lighting upgrades have on their business.

Did you know that any type of commercial lighting fixture can be upgraded to LED? We can help with:

  • Recessed fixtures (pot lights)
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Wall fixtures
  • Even fluorescent tube fixtures can be converted to LED!

Contact us today to arrange for a free consultation. We’ll walk you through your options and help focus in on what’s best for your needs.

Exterior Retail Lighting

Your exterior and storefront lighting gives your customers their first view of what your business holds within.

A poorly-lit space may appear gloomy, dark, and uninviting to potential customers. Professionally planned and installed storefront lighting, on the other hand, projects a clean, bright, and friendly image.

Island Electric Co. can help increase the curb appeal of your business, project a professional image, and show your customers that you mean business.

Contact us today for a free consultation on how our lighting solutions can improve your retail storefront.

Commercial Lighting Design

A properly-designed lighting setup can do so much than simply illuminating your business.

Island Electric Co. works with business owners and developers to design lighting systems that transform retail and office spaces. Through careful planning and understanding of your needs, we can craft an atmosphere that perfectly suits your staff and clients.

And by implementing energy-efficient bulbs and lighting fixtures, we’ll help you reduce your energy footprint and keep operating costs down.

Illuminated Signage

Illuminated signs are a great way to make your business stand out. We’ll make sure any electrical signs at your business are wired right, and easy to maintain.

BC Hydro Business Programs & Incentives

Another benefit of upgrading to energy-efficient commercial lighting is that you’re also eligible to save money through BC Hydro rebates. By surveying your existing commercial lighting system, we’ll help you determine which BC Hydro incentives you may qualify for.

Learn more about current BC Hydro incentives for businesses through their website, or get in touch with us to book a consultation.

Island Electric Co. is a member of the BC Hydro Alliance of Energy Professionals.

As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member, Island Electric Co. can help you take advantage of rebates and deals offered by BC Hydro.

Contact us for details, or visit BC Hydro online for current commercial promos.

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