Electric Vehicle Charging Systems

Electric vehicle chargers are quickly becoming must-have items, both in home and commercial applications. We’ll help make sure your EVs can be charged conveniently – and quickly.

EV Charging Station Installations

There’s no doubt that electric vehicles are increasing in popularity, and it’s not hard to see why. EVs are environmentally-friendly, have a low operating cost, and there are even incentive programs to encourage adoption.

Widespread high-speed EV chargers, on the other hand, are more difficult to find – and when you do find one, there is often a line.

Plugging your electric vehicle into a standard outlet isn’t much better. Standard outlets are low-voltage circuits that just don’t provide enough juice for quick charges. This can quickly put a damper on people who use their electric vehicles to drive long distances, or who drive frequently.

Installing a high-speed EV charging station at your home or business solves these problem. With your personal charger, you’ll have a convenient and quick way to keep your batteries full.

So why would you rely on public charging stations or regular outlets to recharge your ride if you can avoid it?

Contact Island Electric Co. to discuss how quickly we can have your EV charged up and ready to hit the road.

For further information, check out these links from BC Hydro:

Service Upgrades

Depending on the existing power available at your home or business, installing an electric vehicle charger may first require upgrading your service.

Before we embark on installing an EV charger, we’ll test and analyze your existing service to determine if you’re okay to use what you have – or if it’s time for an upgrade.

Residential Service Upgrades Commercial Service Upgrades

As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member, Island Electric Co. can help you take advantage of rebates and deals offered by BC Hydro.

Contact us for details on how you can save!

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