Home Automation

Home automation can empower you with the technology to control lighting, audio, blinds, and climate – all from your phone or other connected smart devices.

Planning Your Home Automation System

From start to finish, we can help you plan and reach your home automation goals. We’ll work with you to develop a system that’s customized to suit your own unique household routines.

Adding electrical automation to your home means you’ve got a lot of options to consider and to customize to fit your needs.

Your home automation system can control:

  • Lighting (including on/off, dimming, colour control, automatic timing routines, and more)
  • Window coverings, such as blinds and shades (automated window coverings are great way to save on energy costs)
  • Music and home theatre systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Security and alarm systems

And of course you’re able to manage your smart home both while at home and while away!

Island Electric Co. is here to share our experience and expertise to help you navigate the world of home automation. Contact us to learn more about how we can set you up with a system designed just for you.

Smart Home Costs

Home automation is one of the areas of electrical contracting that we’re most excited about, largely thanks to the relative low costs of purchasing and installing smart-home devices.

That’s because home automation has become much more affordable and accessible over the last few years. Lower costs are great for you and for us here at Island Electric Company.

Our team really enjoys working with home automation tech, whether in new home construction, when adding to an existing home, or as part of larger residential renovation projects.

With prices coming down, home automation systems in Nanaimo are more attractive to customers of all budgets than ever. That allows more of us to experience the many benefits that come with this technology.

Starting Small or Going Big – It’s Your Choice

Home automation doesn't need to be complex at all. In fact, most of our clients prefer to keep things simple and easy to operate.

We often encourage our clients who are new to home automation to start small. Then they can add devices as they become more familiar with the benefits of a smart home – and as budget permits.

That’s because our home automation systems are built with future expansion in mind. This allows you to start small and build up, or you can go big from the get-go, again depending on your budget and needs.

For example, you can have a lighting control system that ranges from a single smart-bulb to a fully-automated, high-end system that gives you control over your entire home.

And all of this control is easily managed through your smartphone, tablet, or other smart devices. Looking for voice control? No problem!

We can also provide you with ‘scene controls’, where you have 1-button access to different groups of combined settings, each built around a specific mood or task.

But most importantly, we’re not interested in giving you something you don’t need, either.

When you work with Island Electric Co., our team is focused on understanding what’s best for you – not what’s best for our bottom line.

Integrating Existing Smart Devices

Island Electric Company is a certified Lutron PRO Residential Contractor, and we specialize in Lutron Home Automation Systems.

But your smart home can also be integrated with many third-party systems. You might already have smart devices in your home that we can use to control your new systems.

Popular brands include:

  • Apple, Amazon, and Google Home smart devices
  • Sonos Audio systems
  • Ring home security and camera systems
  • Honeywell thermostats

If you have any of the above devices, our trained electricians can help you design and setup a home automation routine without having to start from scratch. The best place to start with your Nanaimo-and-area smart home project is to book an estimate. We’re standing by and looking forward to hearing from you!

As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member, Island Electric Co. can help you take advantage of rebates and deals offered by BC Hydro.

Contact us for details, or visit BC Hydro online for current residential promos.

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