Residential Security & Safety

From alarms and cameras systems to backup emergency power, we have the right solutions to secure your home.

Emergency Backup Power

Power outages are inconvenient, but they can also present large safety risks. Installing a backup generator-based power system can help ensure an unplanned power outage doesn’t catch you by surprise.

Back-Up Power Info

Security Camera Systems

Security camera installations allow you to remotely monitor your home, helping keep you space safe and secure while also providing peace of mind.

And in the event that something happens on your property, your cameras act as a silent witness, providing a hard record of events that you can pass on to law enforcement or insurance agencies.

Island Electric Co. is here to help with installations of basic security camera systems. And for complete security alarm systems, we are able to provide a subcontractor who can help you design and install more complex systems built to suit your needs.

Please contact us for complete details.

Safety Lighting

The correct lighting for your home can help negate safety issues caused by low-light conditions, while also minimizing blind spots and increasing security levels around your property.

Finding your way out of a home during an emergency can be difficult without proper lighting and failsafe power in place. Island Electric Co. can help you pair the right lighting with emergency back-up power systems, allowing for quick and safe exits during a time of emergency.

Smoke & CO2 Detectors

Promptly detecting a fire can be crucial for ensuring the safety of your family or residents, while also reducing property loss.

Simple ways to keep your home safe include installing and maintaining hard-wired smoke detectors and CO2 detectors, and ensuring the back-up battery power is tested and working. These are two of easiest but often overlooked safety systems designed for detecting deadly gases and smoke.

Don’t take chances with home safety electrical: if you have any concerns or questions about your smoke or CO2 detectors, contact a professional electrical contractor.

As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member, Island Electric Co. can help you take advantage of rebates and deals offered by BC Hydro.

Contact us for details, or visit BC Hydro online for current residential promos.

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