Residential Lighting

Whether a reno, retrofit, or ground-up installation, we can light up your space with the perfect home lighting system.

Interior & Exterior Lighting Options

As a certified BC Hydro Alliance Member, we’re here to help with any lighting installation or upgrade, big or small.

We have access to a vast range of options to suit your style, needs, and budget – and the experience and knowledge on how to guide you through your choices.

Some of the work we can help with includes:

Your interior and exterior lighting options include:

  • LED lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Track lighting
  • Pot lighting
  • Recessed lighting
  • Under-cabinet lighting
  • Stairwell lighting
  • Landscape lighting

And so much more!

Energy-Efficient Lighting Upgrades

Save energy & electrical costs

We always enjoy helping our clients find opportunities to save energy – and money. One of the best ways to save on energy use and costs is by installing energy-efficient lighting products.

When you bring in Island Electric Co. to review your current lighting – or to plan a new lighting system – we’ll look at different aspects of your space to provide the most appropriate solutions.

We’ll consider the big things, such as how you use the space and how much square footage we’re working with.

And we’ll consider the ‘little things’ too, such as determining the correct colour temperature and the right light intensity for your space and needs. It’s usually those little things that are often overlooked, but can make the biggest differences.

No lighting project is too big or too small

Whether you are upgrading one light or 200 fixtures, Island Electric Company can help you with any size energy-efficient lighting projects. Just get in touch to learn more!

Retrofitting Existing Fixtures to LED

Our customers are always impressed with the immediate visual transformation our LED lighting upgrades have on their home or business.

But we’re also often asked which types of fixtures can be converted to use the energy-saving LED technology.

That’s easy – all of them! Any type of fixture within your home can be upgraded to LED, including:

  • Recessed fixtures / pot lights
  • Task lighting
  • Accent lighting
  • Ceiling fixtures
  • Wall fixtures
  • Fluorescent tube fixtures

Lighting System Design

Residential lighting is so much more than just illuminating the interior or exterior of your home!

We can design lighting systems that have the power to completely transform your space, establish more of an atmosphere, or provide heightened security and safety measures.

Island Electric Co. is experienced with working within budgets and helping our customers take advantage of BC Hydro incentives, so you don’t need to spend a small fortune to get incredible results.

Ballast & Bulb Replacement

Did you know that old bulbs and ballasts can trap light inside of fixtures, rather than sending it where it is intended?

Island Electric Co. can replace your aging bulbs and fixtures with new, highly-efficient lighting solutions. Your upgraded lighting will provide the right light to the right location, and help you save money on energy costs.

Contact us to book an estimate, and we’ll walk you through the many options you have to help shine your light in the right places!

BC Hydro Incentives

Another great way to save money is through energy-related BC Hydro incentives. By surveying your existing electrical lighting system, we can help you determine which incentives you may qualify for.

The right incentives might help to stretch your budget further than you initially thought. Besides, we all pay enough for our energy costs – it’s nice to get a little back now and then!

For current BC Hydro rebates and details for residential customers, please visit their website – or contact us for details!

Island Electric Co. is a certified BC Hydro Alliance Member.

As a BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance Member, Island Electric Co. can help you take advantage of rebates and deals offered by BC Hydro.

Contact us for details, or visit BC Hydro online for current residential promos.

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